Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Battle Of Wandiwash.


In the history of India Jan 22, 1760, is a remarkable date when “The Battle of Wandiwash” took place. It was a confrontation between the French, under Thomas Arthur Comte De Lally and the British, under Sir Eyre Coote. During the tenure of Seven years’ war (1756-1763) it was the decisive battle in Anglo French struggle in Southern India. Lally ordered to withdraw Admiral d’Ache’s fleet thereby cutting the line of sea support and hampering lack of funds and dissensions among his troops. He tried to recover the Fort Of Vandavasi (Wandiwash is the anglicised pronunciation of Vandavasi.) near the then Pondicherry (now is puducherry, in India) where he was being attacked by Sir Eyre Coote with about 1700 British troops against 2000 french soilders. The battle involved the capture of Chetpattu (Chenglapattu, India), Tirunomalai (Thiruvannaamalai, India), Tindivanam, Perumukkal. Marquis De Bussy Castelneau who was Lally’s best General was captured and ultimately French surrendered on Jan 16, 1761. Latter Lally was imprisioned and was sent for trial in Paris (France), where he was executed for alleged treason.
This was the third Carnatic war fought between The English and The French. At that time British had placed a strong foot in Bengal and Hyderabad and was financially much more strong than the French owing to the collection of huge amount of revenue.

Sir Eyre Coote (British General) – He was born in 1726, Kilmallock, Limerick, Ireland and was died in April 28, 1783 at Madras (now Chennai, India). He was one of the effective British soilder who served as a Commander of East India Company in Bengal and as Commander in chief in India.

Thomas Arthur Comte De Lally (French General) – He was born in Jan 13, 1702, and died in May 09, 1766 at Paris, France. He served in the Irish Brigade of French army under Maurice. In 1758 he was sent to India and was defeated by Sir Eyre Coote in the battle of Wandiwash.
 Vandavasi Fort

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