Monday, 15 August 2011

Curbing Population Explosion.

Population Explosion is becoming like a threat to all of us as we all know that if donot tend to curb it then we will be out of resources. Some measures are Economic measures, Social measures, The Family Planning Programme. Under economic measures steps such as expansion of industrial sector, creation of employment opportunities in urban areas, and equitable distribution of income and removal of poverty. The family size of people employed in the industrial sector is smaller than that of people who are employed in agricultural sector. Most peasants have more children either because they have no stakes in the size of their families due to their poverty or as Mamdani has argued, they think that the benefit from an additional child are greater than the cost of his upbringing. In contrast industrial workers are aware of the difficulties in getting employment and are interested in getting restricting the size of their family. If the state ensures the right to work and guarantee a living wage to everyone , the growing menace of population explosion can be checked. Illiteracy , superstitions, orthodoxy and deplorable condition of the women are social maladies and they all have contributed to the population explosion in this country. In order to bring down the birth rate which is still very high, all these social evils must be removed. Appropriate attention should be given in improving the status of education of women. Importance of family planning programme as a device controlling population explosion is universially recognized, so much that even the decision-makers in the Communist countries had shed their bias against it and had became receptive to the idea of small family norm. For this purpose, under public information programme, couples in the reproductive age are explained the usefulness of family planning. Incentive and decentive schemes should be introduced and more family planning centers should be opened.

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