Monday, 15 August 2011

Bridging Social Tension arising out of Generation Gap.

Change is the law of Nature. Society adapts itself according to the pace of change.Those who do not accommodate themselves with the visible change have to face tremendous tension. People easily do not accept new values, new trends and the lifestyle of younger a lot where problem arises. It is a difficult task to bridge the gap but, then also society should respect the sentiments of individual and individual should follow the norms of the society. The old should not be to much assertive and the young should not be to much bohemian. The olds should not blame the young ones for the ills of the society. They should not condemn the young young ones as selfish or rotten lot. They should assaign due importance “ The Tempora and Mores” (Time and Custom). Time redefines customs. On the other hand, the young should share the wise experience of the senior ones. Family is the basic units of the society. A joint family system establishes an atmosphere of harmony and reconciliation and therefore, the views of the old as well as the young are accommodated within the setup of joint family. Hence joint family system is like an effective tool to shorten the generation gap.

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