Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Man proposes GOD disposes….

Man is essentially a thinking and acting being with wishes and desires, and he is never contended. He fulfills his one wish and immediately another one rises from its ashes like sphoenix. His desires are unlimited despite limited resources at his command. The psychologist had discovered the pyramid of human desires with the biological ones at the base to self expression at the zenith. In between there are uncountable desires and needs under several layers. This is the tragedy and beauty of human existence at the same time. Man struggles to fulfill his dreams and wishes, yet they remain elusive and distant. Sometimes his dreams are also fulfilled. There is nonetheless, no mechanism, no scientific rule which can guarantee that his dreams will be fulfilled, his needs met and his proposals disposed. Therefore mankind is confined to ever exist with his uncertainties.
“GITA” the holy book of Hindus offers a way out. According to it a man has only right to his duties. He must not contemplate upon rewards and fruits. Honest dedication with single minded devotion is all that is within his jurisdiction. The rest may best be left to the will of GOD. We may that only such man is worthy of proposing who performs his duties well and his proposals must be expressed through his work. The rest may be left to GOD, because only he has the power to dispose. We do not have even the right to think whether he will dispose or not. An honest proposal never goes undisposed. It is sufficient for us to know that GOD is all powerful, all merciful and benevolent and loves all his creatures alike. Who then, can have power of disposal if not GOD ?
If we internalize at the same time that it is very nature of man to proposes and the powers of disposing rests none other than the Almighty, the first cause, the uncaused cause, then we will have no difficulty in accepting the truth of the above given statement.

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