Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Political Cultures.

The Political cultures of Developing and Developed Countries.

The concept of political culture was developed by American scholars like G. Almond, Sydney Verba etc. to analyse the political process of newly emerged developing countries after the Second World War. The concept of political culture refers to the values, belief and emotional attitudes of people towards various aspects of political system. Developing countries are those countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America who got independence from colonial rule and were on the process on socio economic-development. Though, these countries have adopted formal political institutions of developed countries or their colonial masters, their political culture displays distinct patterns in comparison to developed countries. First, according to Almond, developing countries have paroachial or subject political culture, where roles and structures are not diversified and citizens are more concerned with the output aspect of the political system. On the other hand, the political culture of the developed countries is a participant political culture. Second, in developing countries, as distinct to developed countries, the political culture is the mixture of modern values like democracy, rule of law, liberty and equality and traditional affinity of caste, race, family and religious values. In other words, the political culture of developing countries is not secularized to the extent of the political culture of developed countries. 

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