Tuesday, 23 August 2011

State politics in India.

Importance of State politics in INDIA

India has opted for the federal form of Government, in view of the size of the country and the nature of regional and cultural diversities found in India. At both the center and state levels, the parliamentary form of democratic set-up has been adopted. A historical overview of the operation of this arrangement shows that the congress, being the party of national movement, was a ruling party at both center and the states, till 1977 with few exceptions. However, since then the hold of Congress party has been weakening at states and regional or state parties have gained ground gradually; which imparted new dynamics in the state politics. This tendency has become more pronounced in late 1980s, having deep bearing on the national politics also. Some of the following points will explain the importance of state politics:- Rise of state parties and weakening of National parties. The practice of coalition politics at national level, where state parties have become king maker. Increasing tendency of regional identity based politics leading to demand of new states. The growing practice of bargaining between the state/regional parties and national parties.

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